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Basic Information:

Location: 55743 Idar-Oberstein
Price: 549,000.00 €
Living space: 174 m²
Living- Effective space: 210 m²
Rooms: 5
Effective space: 36 m²
Property area: 1044 m²
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Garage/Parking: Yes
Condition: Cherished
Year of construction: 1996
Availability: On request
Provision: 3,57 % inkl. MwSt.


We at My Bella Casa are delighted and honored to present to you this outstanding property. A house of extraordinary caliber, setting standards with its timeless architecture, phenomenal views, and magnificent grounds. From its exterior beauty to its diverse interior perspectives, this home offers sensational vistas and endless charm. Let's open the door and explore this dream home together.

As expected, the entrance is spacious and inviting, hinting at the thoughtful design that sets it apart from the ordinary. The foyer, with its own dedicated niche for coats, discreetly manages any temporary clutter. The attention then turns to the double French doors, the gateway to the living space, teasing curiosity for what lies beyond. It's safe to say, it's an absolute highlight! Stepping inside, one is immediately captivated by the panoramic views of the city and beyond, elevating this living space to unparalleled heights.

Rarely does the term 'living space' ring so true. Whether dining in the elegant dining area with its boundless view or relaxing in the living room while admiring the exquisite garden architecture, there's always a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Both areas boast floor-to-ceiling access to their respective terraces, ensuring a cozy spot outside even in unfavorable conditions. The outdoor space is a masterpiece in itself, deserving of detailed exploration. Now that we've explored the indoor-outdoor flow, let's discover the kitchen. The transition is gracefully marked by a swinging door, a creative solution seamlessly blending the contrasting designs of an open versus enclosed kitchen. It's a touch of ingenuity too seldom seen.

In summary, this living level is crafted near perfection. Of course, it includes a guest toilet (with a delightful surprise…) and an extraordinary addition, a fireplace in the foyer, providing warmth and hospitality par excellence in winter months. Alternatively, the fireplace could be relocated to the living room.

Though there's much more to mention and it's hard to conclude describing this level, let's ascend to the next floor. Here, a generous gallery serves as the connecting element. Unlike a traditional hallway leading to bedrooms, the open design and abundant natural light invite lingering. As seen in the pictures, it could even be utilized as an atelier. Space, light, and views continue to define this level. The two bedrooms are not mere sleeping quarters but places of reflection and retreat, enhanced by the balcony's breathtaking views. Additionally, the roof structure lends a timeless flair to the rooms, characteristic of the house. The bathroom, featuring both a tub and a shower, caters to all preferences.

Now, from top to bottom. The basement is far from a mere cellar, fulfilling the desire for additional living space. With three rooms (one with a kitchenette) and a shower room, multiple usage possibilities arise, and once again, the dedicated access adds another layer of convenience! A delightful surprise awaits in the basement as well, a secret to be unveiled during your visit.

You might think we've said enough, but allow me to touch upon the outdoor area once more. The son of the homeowner mentioned that during excavation, there was a, let's say, a creative challenge for the excavator to overcome. Initially skeptical of the homeowners' ideas, the excavator believed it would never become a plot worth mentioning. However, the homeowners insisted on a gentle terracing, followed by sculpting the excavation into a sloping bank. Mission accomplished! The result is a sense of being nestled, almost cocooned, within the property, perfectly complementing the house.

The terrace, too, is not merely "attached to the house" but seamlessly integrated into the building structure, benefiting greatly from the resulting wind and sight protection. The only thing missing for regional bliss is a covered barbecue area, where delicacies can be prepared regardless of weather conditions. Lastly, there's the garage, resembling a small cottage externally and typically featuring a small attic, very practical! While there's much more to tell, we don't want to sell you a novel but rather convey the beauty of this dream home. Many small and larger details await your discovery, and we can already assure you, everything is even more beautiful in person. Care to bet..?

Now, we warmly invite you to schedule a viewing and experience firsthand the splendor of this dream property. We look forward to your visit!

Quick Info: The planning and construction of the house were realized by a renowned engineering firm."

Energieausweis: Energieverbrauchsausweis
Wesentliche Energieträger: Heizöl
Endenergiebedarf: 115 kWh/(m²·a)
Energieeffizienzklasse: D
Baujahr Gebäude: 1996
Baujahr Wärmeerzeuger: 1996
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