Very well kept half-timber house set in a beautiful scenery! » Property 947657

Basic Information:

Location: 55765 Birkenfeld (OT)
Price: n/a
Living space: 220 m²
Rooms: 8
Effective space: 450 m²
Property area: 8364 m²
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2
Garage/Parking: Yes
Condition: Cherished
Year of construction: 1822
Availability: On request
Provision: 3,57% inkl. MwSt.


Very well kept half-timber house set in a beautiful scenery!

Move in and immediatly feel at home! The yet owners of this mansion (married couple, both doctors) have put a huge amount of work in this house which has all exclusively been done by specialist companies. The goal they have striven for was always to create a comfy and healthy atmosphere for living. This goal has been fully achieved! The couple has lived in this house for over 30 years now which very much speaks in favour of this house. We hereby want to invite you to a personal inspection. Possibly you will here also find the home for the best times of your life.

Ground floor:

There are three different entries: The main entry, through the garage and on the backside of the house through the kitchen door. A richly ornated front door mad of massive oak which is borderd by a light sand stone embrasure, creates a beautiful contrat in itself and also functions as the first eyecatcher.
The windows are also bordered by sand stone embrasures.

Once you get into the house the generous hallway (flooring: 100 year old ash wood) leads you directly into the living-dining area where the inimitable character of this first class house will sweep you off your feet. Solid wood floorboards and the timber framed architecture combined with the brightly plastered ceilings and walls give these rooms a very unique flair.

The open fire place in the dining room rounds the image of the house harmoniously off and creates a cozy atmosphere in the cold winter months. Another treat is that it also has an integrated grill which can be used to cook any kind of delicacies. For heating of the whole house a new reliable heating system from ‘Viessmann’ is in charge.

Von der Küche aus gelangen sie sowohl auf die Terrasse, zur Haupteingangsdiele und den zweiten Flur. Dieser führt zum Hauswirtschaftsraum, Heizungsraum und zur Garage, welche Sie trockenen Fußes erreichen können. Zur Terrasse und der Außenanlage kommen wir später noch mal zu sprechen.

From the kitchen you either get to the terrace in the backyard or to the main entrance hall and from there to the second floor. This one leads to the utility room, the heating room and the garage which you can get to dry-shod. We’ll come back talking about the terrace and the outdoor facilities later on in the text again.

Upper Floor:

On this floor there is a bathroom, two bedrooms and one guest bedroom. In each room the floors are made of light solid wood floor boards. The number and arrangement of the windows guarantees lots of light and a gorgeous view into an intact nature. This aspect will also be mentioned again later on in the text.

Top Floor:

The top floor is fully built out and accommodates two further bedrooms as well as a water closet and a sink. Furthermore there is, on a second level, additional storage space. Every single room provides a coziness which is hard to be exceeded without having to cut short on room height and size.


The barn consists of a garage (31sqm + side room 15 sqm), a treatment room and further 450sqm effective area. Because of the existence of several entries/gates it is very easy to enter the barn from mostly any sides.


In this passage we will take, as promised before, a closer look at the grounds and the backyard. To start with, it is to say that because of the chosen building materials of the house and its resulting building physics a unique indoor climate is created. The keyword is ‘clay plaster’. Construction professionals will approve of this and also appreciate this natural material very much. This house is constructed on the concept of a ‘four-post-farm house’, which represents the whealthier type of this kind of building style. This made it possible to built more floors with higher ceilings than how it was common at the time these kinds of houses were mostly built. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning the accommodation.

A lot of things were kept from the time of its formation and any restorations that took place were done by professionals. When something had to be renewed only 100 year old matured wood was used. All of them made to measure! Therefore it will be very difficult to find a house which would surpass this house in its uniqueness and authenticity.

The grounds with a size of 8364sqm leave nothing to be desired.
The former bakehouse functions as a roofed terrace with an integrated barbeque area. In this area there is also a 3-4 meters deep well which stores water throughout the year.

Here a small listing of the flora of the grounds for you.

There are apple-and pear trees, an arbor vitae ( also called ‘Tree of Life’ ), a golden rain tree, oaks, European yew trees, spruces, European larchs, European cornel ( which spends lots of shade), juneberries, mirabelle trees, boxtrees, large- and small leaved limes, privet hedges, rhododendrons, black elders, lavender, wild orchids and plum trees.

This huge and wonderful collection of plants around the house creates a gorgeous place which invites to stay and will let every botanists heart beat faster!


Welcome to the nature park Saar Hunsrück! Being framed by four river valleys: Mosel, Nahe, Saar and Rhein, the Hunsrück is a Central German Upland in a unique location. The surrounding region is characterized by a healthy and varied nature. Different famous mineral water fountains speak for the purity of this region. Additionally an advisory opinion of the confederation environment agency certifies that the purest and cleanest air you can breath in whole Germany is in the area of Hunsrück.

The town itself lays about half way inbetween Idar-Oberstein and Birkenfeld. The autoway A62 towards Saarbrücken/Trier/Kaiserslautern is accesible within 10 minutes.

For hikers there are approx. 1.500 km well signposted hiking trails at disposal. The recreation offer reaches from fishing to golfing, swimming, horseback riding, tennis, cycling, playing squash, etc. all the way to sightseeing flights. Fantastic red- and black deer territories complete the picture of the Hunsrück area.

Cultural interested parties will also get their moneys worth by looking at the great range of high-class events which take place in this area.

Connection to German Autobahn (Highways):
Idar-Oberstein is connected to the surrounding cities via several Autobahn connections: Coming from Frankfurt/Mainz (A-61): Bad Kreuznach exit via the well constructed Federal Road B-41 about 50 Km. Coming from Karlsruhe/Mannheim (A-6): Exit Kaiserslautern-Ost via Federal Highway B-270 about 60 Km. Coming from Saarbruecken/France (A-1/A-62): Exit Birkenfeld via Federal Highway B-41 about 20 Km. Coming from Trier/Koblenz/Luxemburg (A-48/A-1/A-62: Exit Birkenfeld via Federal Highway B-41 about 20 km.

Railway Connection:
Idar-Oberstein is connected to the railway system with the centrally located city railroad station. The fasted railway connection between the two Federal State capitals Saarbruecken and Mainz – with a direct connection to the Airport in Frankfurt and the main railroad station in Frankfurt – in the future will not lead through Mannheim and Kaiserslautern (fast train connections) but through Bad Kreuznach and Idar-Oberstein.

Known international airports can be reached from Idar-Oberstein in a short time. This includes the airport in Saarbruecken (about 90 Km), the airport in Luxemburg (about 90 Km), the airport in Frankfurt (about 130 Km) and Frankfurt-Hahn (about 30 Km).

In Idar-Oberstein itself, there is a airfield for business aircrafts (Kl. 2) in the vicinity of the center of the city. No fly-over noise!


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